Here’s How To Measure Your Wrist Size Correctly

how to measure your wrist size

How many times have we bought bracelets from online shopping websites and found that they’re so loose that they slip off our wrists? Now, GemLN India brings you an easy –to –use measuring guide for bracelets and watches. While many of us prefer to wear bracelets that fall gracefully onto our wrists, our watches are meant to stay on the ... Read More »

Drizzling Sale: Get A Surprise Everyday

gemln drizzling sale offers & discounts

The monsoons have set in all around us and some of us get drenched, while the rest of us are enjoying pleasant showers. GemLN India is celebrating the monsoon with a humungous discount UPTO 35% on all our products. Use the coupon code, “DrizzlingGemLN7” to avail the surprise offer. We give the opportunity to win a discount ranging UPTO 35% ... Read More »

Wear Your Zodiac: White Signifies Patient Cancer


Cancer, the fourth astrological sign, is associated with the constellation Cancer. A person born under this sign is known as Moon child, as the moon reflects their sensitive and emotional side. The symbol of the crab is derived from Greek mythos, in which the Karkinos, a giant crab harassed Hercules during his fight with the Hydra. Hercules smashed its shell ... Read More »

Complement Your Fingers With Fashion Rings


Finger rings are some of the most unappreciated accessories. Men seldom wear them- when they do, it’s a wedding ring or an elderly aunt or uncle gave it to them. Indian preferred henna and gold rings at weddings were only an add-on, nothing to add style or oomph to the outfit. Beringed women are seen as extremely delicate and careful ... Read More »

Grab Attention With Your Bracelets

sterling silver bracelets center of attraction

Haven’t we all heard it? “Why are you going out with bare arms? Wear some bangles!” Well, now we show you how to please the elders in your family! Instead of the usual heavy gold bangles that weigh a ton and stress you out with the fear of losing them, wear sterling silver bracelets. 925 silver bracelets are lightweight, fashion ... Read More »

American Diamonds: More For Your Money

american diamonds vs natural diamonds

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend and they are feelings. However, do you honestly want the loved ones in your family to go through a lot of stress simply because they ‘have to prove’ that they love you? If you love the look and feel of diamonds, consider the American Diamond or cubic zircon, the technical name of the lab ... Read More »

How To Repurpose Your GemLN Jewellery?

How To Repurpose Your Silver Jewellery

You have a jewellery box full of GemLN’s finest 925 silver jewellery and want to try out something new. Don’t lose heart, many of us have plenty of jewellery but feel bored with them and look around for ideas on how to repurpose our jewellery. Social media such as Pinterest will help. You could also use your imagination and creativity ... Read More »

How to Choose Classy Jewellery?

How to Choose Classy Jewellery

GemLN India is always focused on giving you the highest quality at the lowest prices. Our jewellery is guaranteed to fit your budget, everyone who sees you will believe that you’re wearing platinum and diamonds or at the very least white gold. There’s no need to wear gold for every occasion, 925 silver is cheaper and gives a rich look, ... Read More »

Why We All Love Pearls

why women love pearls

Pearls are nature’s bounty- the only gemstone that’s organically grown. Pearls have been compared to moonlight, dew drops from heaven and much more that reminds us that this lustrous gem is the only ‘stone’ that isn’t minded from the earth. In ancient times, before Man discovered a way of growing pearls artificially, divers risked their lives, searching at the bottom ... Read More »