Show Him He’s Your Hero!


Father, brother, boyfriend, husband or son- whoever the men in your life are- the best way of showing your appreciation is to shower them with rings and bracelets of sterling silver. Men usually wear closed collared shirts during their office hours, giving them no opportunity for showing of thick sterling silver chains. Gift a man rings and he can show ... Read More »

Refreshing Spring: Classic Blue & Custard Yellow


Choosing the right colour is the crux of looking stylish & not simply following the latest fashion. Be the leader by choosing the right accessory colour to colour block your outfits & stand out from the crowd with GemLN’s guide on Spring Colours 2015. Pantone, the leading colour institute presented the list of colours for Spring 2015 after analysing current ... Read More »

GemLN Kids’ Jewellery For Your Princess


Children love dressing up. Younger children from as young as 2 years old make sure their parents know their likes and dislikes. We at realise that small children have a definitive sense of style and have a hand- picked selection of sterling silver earrings. Tender young ears are easily irritated by imitation jewellery in plastic & alloy metals. Hypoallergenic ... Read More »

Say It With Flowers


Giving a woman flowers is the best way of showing your appreciation of her. Different cultures have various ways of presenting flowers to the women in their lives. Westerners give bouquets, South Indians give Jasmine fronds to wives, daughters and relatives. Bu with increasingly busy lives, it’s become impossible to hunt for fresh flowers in busy metropolitan cities. Gift her ... Read More »

New Arrivals: Trendy Silver Anklets and Bracelets


GemLN brought you Valentine’s Day Celebrations with EXTRA 10% discounts on their heart- themed jewellery. Not only that, when you buy for Rs. 2500 & above, you get EXTRA 10% OFF- this offer goes for all jewellery on These offers are on until February 20th, 2015. We’ve got more offers and goodies coming up for budding fashionistas with an ... Read More »

Silver Jewellery for Wedding Guests

fb_mon (2)

Weddings are the most colourful & fashionable events in our social lives. Before the West invaded with New Year’s Eve parties & Valentine’s Day Dates, weddings were the only events where all of us girls could lust after our own gender’s clothing & jewellery choices. Guests at weddings have much less time in which to shine & show off their ... Read More »

Pantone Colours of Spring 2015: GemLN Interprets Strawberry Ice


Pantone, the word- renowned authority on colour, provides the trending colours of each year & each season. This year, Pantone’s Colours of Spring 2015 “follows a minimalistic “en plein air” theme, taking a cue from nature.” The softer hues of scuba blue, Lucite green, classic blue, toasted almond, tangerine, custard, glacier grey, Marsala and strawberry ice are shaping the fashions ... Read More »

Wear Your Zodiac: Aquarius in Blues & Greys


Aquarius (January 20 – February 18) has a reputation as a fluid & hippie bohemian Zodiac sign. They are famed for their quirkiness and unconventional attitudes. As a water sign, blue, blue- green, sky blue, grey and black are its In Western astrology, Aquarius is one of the oldest of the recognized constellations in the zodiac. The 2nd century AD ... Read More »

The Key to Her Heart


The two weeks leading to St. Valentine’s Day is torturous- for couples as well as singles. The couples go wild creating a romantic picture perfect day, and the singles tortured by all that romantic glitz surrounding them. But for all those of you who want to declare yourself to The One- your crush- how about giving her the key to ... Read More »

Weddings: Silver Rings For Every Tradition

Diamond Engagement Ring

Weddings are beloved all around the world. Everybody loves a lover & every culture around the world has a unique symbol of marriage. Even in India, there are diverse ways of showing the world that a man & woman are married. With increased Western influences comes the introduction of wearing rings on the left hand as a symbol of marriage. ... Read More »