Types Of Stone Settings: Cluster Setting


In the 5th part of our series on Stone Settings, we’ll look at the Cluster Setting. A relatively newer style of setting, the cluster setting gives an illusion of a single larger stone by artfully arranging smaller stones in a particular pattern. Cluster setting is exactly what it means- stones are placed in ‘clusters’ or groups to form larger patterns. ... Read More »

Style Your Jewellery From Work Into The Weekend


Life is busy whether you’re a working woman or a home- maker. If you juggle work and kids, your sense of style is probably the first to suffer. Putting a look together for the weekends can feel like an uphill task. But with the right collection of essential jewellery, clothes and footwear you can put together an outfit a supermodel ... Read More »

Happy Families Are Always In Style!


Today, May 15th is International Day of Families, which was first observed internationally in 1994. As Indians, we all know the importance of families, we wait until we grow up to have families of our own, just like the secure and happy cocoons our parents created for us. It’s not a myth that daughters grow up to be like their ... Read More »

What’s Special About Birthdays?


Everyone has birthdays. What’s so special about the day your mom gave birth to you? After all she did all the hard work and the rest of the family did all the worrying. Why is all the attention of the anniversary of the day you were born focused only on you? To put it simply, every year you celebrate the ... Read More »

Sterling Silver Jewellery That Don’t Bankrupt You!


When was the last time you bought sparkling gold jewellery just because you were invited to a birthday party or someone’s engagement? For most of us the answer’s “No”. Not because we hate shopping but because shopping for even the tiniest bit of gold at our whim and fancy is way too expensive for most of us. We plan and ... Read More »

Mother’s Day Gifting Ideas For All Our Moms


Giving gifts is proved beneficial to the giver as well as the receiver. The thrill on her face when you gift your best friend, sister, Mother or anyone else a piece of ‘frivolous’ jewellery gives you pleasure. Of course, we’re not talking about all those ‘obligatory’ gifts where you know the receiver will turn around and exchange it for something ... Read More »

Introducing Second Earrings: Another Reason To Pierce Your Ears!


The earrings we wear on our earlobes are our very first piercings. Very often, according to Indian traditions, both girls’ and boys’ ears are pierced before their first birthdays. Of course, most families let the piercing in boys’ ears heal over. It’s girls who get to have all the fun of wearing different earrings with each of their outfits. With ... Read More »

Types Of Stone Settings: Tension Setting


In the fourth instalment of our series on Types of Stone Settings we’ll look at a unique setting that itself is an element of design- the Tension Setting. A particularly new technique of settings that lets the light shine through the cubic zircon or Austrian crystal – the term ‘tension’ setting is actually a misnomer. The stone isn’t held by ... Read More »

Wear Your Zodiac: Taurus Loves Earthy Green


Taurus is the second astrological sign in the Solar zodiac. According to greek mythology, the bull symbolises Taurus. The symbol is based on the Cretan Bull, the white bull that fathered the Minotaur and was killed by Theseus. The Bull represents a strong-willed character with great perseverance and determination. Known as the Builder, Taurus is an Earth sign. Green and ... Read More »

Gifts For Moms-To-Be: Jewellery For All Occasions


It is thrilling to receive gifts! It is even better to give gifts. Psychologists say the feel- good factor for the gift- giver is equal to the happiness felt by the receiver. So why not feel good the next time you want to give your friends gifts by sending sterling silver and Austrian crystal rose gold plated cheap jewellery online! ... Read More »