The Key to Her Heart


The two weeks leading to St. Valentine’s Day is torturous- for couples as well as singles. The couples go wild creating a romantic picture perfect day, and the singles tortured by all that romantic glitz surrounding them. But for all those of you who want to declare yourself to The One- your crush- how about giving her the key to ... Read More »

Weddings: Silver Rings For Every Tradition

Diamond Engagement Ring

Weddings are beloved all around the world. Everybody loves a lover & every culture around the world has a unique symbol of marriage. Even in India, there are diverse ways of showing the world that a man & woman are married. With increased Western influences comes the introduction of wearing rings on the left hand as a symbol of marriage. ... Read More »

Marsala: Colour of the Year 2015


Pantone has declared Marsala to be the Colour of the Year 2015. Marsala takes its name from a famous fortified wine. The burgundy shade symbolises the satisfying richness of an appetising dish while its solid red-brown roots radiate a sophisticated, natural earthiness. This hearty, yet stylish tone is universally appealing, translates easily to fashion, beauty, industrial design, and more. GemLN ... Read More »

Jewellery Etiquette for Men: Symbolism of Rings


All through India’s venerable history, men & women have bedecked themselves in gold, silver and gemstone jewellery. Right from vedic times to Bollywood, Indian men have loved wearing masses of jewellery. With Western influences and Western corporate offices setting up business in India, men have gradually stopped wearing jewellery. Young men and teenage boys do wear basic jewellery like a ... Read More »

Silver: Non- Toxic &Hypoallergenic

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Silver has always been the staple of healthcare in ancient times. From silver pennies tossed into water barrels to keep the water free from fungi & moss during long sea voyages to silver coated sweets to aid in digestion, Silver has been viewed as having healing properties. Physicians & surgeons in the olden days stitched up wounds used thread woven ... Read More »

2015 New Arrivals: Check Out Silver Rings for Women


We’re into the 1st week of 2015 & our sparkling new arrivals are lighting up our jewellery stylists’ eyes! Slender & sleek pure white sparkling sterling silver rings to enliven your style quotient & establish you as the fashion leader in your social milieu have arrived! Encrusted with white & coloured cubic zirconia, these delicate finger rings for women will ... Read More »

Sterling Silver: An Investment As Good As Gold


Gold has always been the traditional mode of investment for Indians since time immemorial. With the atrocious increase in gold prices in the 21st century, it’s time to look at other investment options like silver jewellery. Just as 916 hallmarked gold is preferred in creating jewellery, 925 sterling silver jewellery has become the next biggest choice of investment conscious consumers. ... Read More »

Capricorns Wear Sapphire & Emerald Hues


Are you celebrating your birthday between December 22 – January 21? You’re an independent & Natural Born Leader born under the Sun Sign Capricorn. Capricorn is upwardly mobile, always climbing Mountain Goat & signifies the 10th Sign of the Zodiac. The elemental & royal shades of Deep Blue & Emerald Green are most compatible with your Sun sign. Jewellery with ... Read More »

Christmas & New Year Gifts: Cross Pendants & Necklaces for Women


Have you finished with your Christmas shopping yet? has a selection of the latest designs in cross pendants that’ll delight your sinfully fashionable hearts. Gift- giving is a delicate task, where you have to consider the age, gender and tastes of the person you’re giving the gift to. Young girls and boys love to receive jewellery but there’s a ... Read More »

Significance of Silver: Hindu Traditions & Scientific Reasons

silver advantages

Wearing traditional Indian ornaments is not just fashion, but also carries therapeutic value & has a vigorous role in stimulating physical and mental health. Our fore bearers were cognizant of the power of various metals on the human body. Metals such as calx of gold, silver, tin, iron, etc., also have been used and are even now utilised as medicines. ... Read More »