Launching New Silver Pendants & Earrings


GemLN has launched a great new collection of Peacock themed statement jewellery in genuine 925 silver. Inspired by India’s National Bird – the bright & colourful peacock, we are presenting handpicked jewellery sets with the peacock motif. Interestingly, the peacock’s resplendent feathers belong to the male, while the female- a peahen is quite drab & not- so- attractive to look ... Read More »

Style Statements: Crystal Filigree Bracelets


Bracelets are the best way of showing off a pair of sleek & shapely arms. The best accessory for a sleeveless top or blouse is a broad bracelet. Pair them one on each wrist or stack them up on one arm for a bold perspective. If you’re going for a formal do or need to get to work but want ... Read More »

Children’s Day Ideas: Buy Earrings Online


Children’s Day is only a few days away & you’re wondering what to gift your girls? Teachers may have a favourite student or aunts may have favourite niece. Even your own little sister is worthy of a cute surprise this year! Every year, November 14th, Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru’s birthday is celebrated in India as Children’s Day. A great source ... Read More »

Collect Paisley, Peacock & Flower Motif Jewellery


What is a motif? Many times, we’ve seen the word motif in relation to jewellery or clothing. Motif is simply a Motif a repeated theme or pattern in visual arts, i.e., painting or graphic design. In textiles, motif is a recurring element or fragment that creates a larger work when put together. In other words, a single motif or a ... Read More »

Explore Ruby Red Crystal & Zircon Jewellery


Red is one of the most powerful & passionate colours in the spectrum. Warm & positive, red exudes a powerfully masculine energy. While Western culture & society perceive Red as being associated with energy, pleasure & passion; Eastern Cultures, including India view Red as a ‘happy’ colour. Indian Brides wear Red on their wedding day as well as throughout the ... Read More »

Fashion Bracelets: What’s Your Style?


Indians love wearing scared threads around the wrists- these are ubiquitous throughout India. While Indian women load their arms with bangles of gold, shell & silver, this is a traditional requirement demanded of married women- not a fashion trend. Men too wear stiff silver or copper bracelets known as ‘kadas’- for both religious & traditional reasons. The Millennial Indian may ... Read More »

Crystal Jewellery Sets for the Social Butterfly

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A butterfly is one of nature’s most poetic & artistic creations. The Butterfly stands for cheerfulness & light-heartedness. Extroverts are often compared to butterflies for their ability to flit from person to person or party to party. We at GemLN India are honouring the Social Butterfly, who’s full of fun, life & colour with Butterfly themed jewellery in silver, crystal ... Read More »

Wear Your Zodiac: Red Symbolizes Intense Scorpio


For mysterious & sensuous Scorpio, Red embodies all that is passionate & is their favourite colour. Ladies born between October 23rd to November 22nd belong to the 8th sun sign of the Zodiac, Scorpio. While they seem superficial- their personalities are like their elemental sign- Water. Still waters run deep & Scorpios appear to be tough as nails but in ... Read More »

Desk to Dinner: Silver Pendants Online

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Working or stay- at- home Mom, women have a lot to accomplish in just 24 hours. It helps our self- image, when we present a neat & put –together look when we step out into the world. It’s not always possible to achieve quick changes in dress when we step out straight from work into a social milieu. Going from ... Read More »

Silver Anklets: Glamorous & Traditional


Anklets were worn by Ancient Egyptians & Indians continue this feminine tradition. The tradition of wearing bracelets around the ankles has spread across the world along with the Indian diaspora. Traditionally, Indian women wore broad anklets , known as payal, made from silver or another alloy with tiny bells. Thicker anklets with lots of bead –like bells were worn by ... Read More »