Maha Navratri: Worship the Goddess in Blue


On the 7th day of Maha Navratri, devotees wear royal blue. The last 3 days of Navratri are dedicated to the Goddess Saraswati, with the 7th day marking Saraswati Awahan. While the Goddess herself is depicted as black as night or an indigo blue, 2 of her hands show the “giving” & “protecting” mudras. Mata Kalaratri drives away darkness & ... Read More »

Celebrate Maha Navratri in Red


We’ve come to the 6th day of Maha Navratri & now we can celebrate by wearing RED! Truly, the colour of celebration & happiness, Katyayani Puja is observed by wearing the colour red in honour of Goddess Katyayani, the most violent form of Goddess Parvati. Godess Katyayani is also known as the Warrior Goddess. Keep up with trends while observing ... Read More »

Maha Navratri: White on Skandamata Puja


Celebrated to honour Goddess Parvati when she became Lord Skanda’s (Kartikeya) mother, the 5th day will be all in white. Pull out all your white saris & lehengas to twirl around in. Done right, white is a great colour that stands out from the crowd. An off-white silk or georgette sari with sequins or embroidery with a designer blouse will ... Read More »

Maha Navratri Chaturthi: Wear Orange Jewellery


Maha Navratri is one of the most colourful festivals in India. During the day, we perform pujas for the nine forms of the Mother Goddess & at night, we get to go to the Garba or Dandiya Raaz. It’s a great time to show off our fashionable side too. On the 4rd day of Maha Navratri Kushmanda Puja is performed. ... Read More »

Maha Navratri Tritiya: Silver & Grey Jewellery


On the 3rd day of Maha Navaratri, Mata Chadranghanta is worshipped in the Chandrakanta pooja or Chandraghanta puja. Her devotees wear Grey colour clothes & accessories denoting her characteristics of peace, serenity, bravery & beauty. Wear your devotion with GemLN’s range of grey polished silver jewellery. Match the colours of each Navratri with trendy jewellery that suit your traditional ensembles. ... Read More »

Go Green: Maha Navratri Dwitiya Puja

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The 2nd day of Maha Navratri & we’re going green! Dwitiya is dedicated to Bharmacharini, the 2nd form of Mother Goddess, who is worshipped today. While the goddess dresses up in Orange, her devotees wear green. If you need a reason to wear green, it’s today. Deck yourself in a bright green sari or salwar & accessorise yourself with emerald ... Read More »

Colours of Sharad Navratri: Navratri Pratipada

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Out of the 3 Navratri puja seasons celebrated in India, Sharad Navratri or Maha Navratri is the most important. Starting on the “pratipada” (first day) of the full moon fortnight of the Hindu month of Ashwini, Sharad Navratri is so- called because it falls during the winter season (September- October). Navratri isn’t only religious but its colourful too! There are ... Read More »

Introducing Silver Anklets & Toe Rings

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Why neglect your feet? Prettify your hush puppies with GemLN India’s delectable collection of 925 silver toe rings & anklets in every conceivable design. Made for the modern stylista who prefer sleek lightweight fashion jewellery, GemLN’s virtual shelves features silver anklets with colourful enameling & toe rings with zircons & marcasite finishing. Shopping online at GemLN India, India’s 1st online ... Read More »

Navratri Offers: Indulge Your Silver Cravings


GemLN India’s gearing up for Navratri celebrations with great offers. What better way to revel in the festive spirit than wearing trendy new 925 silver earrings & cocktail rings to dandiya raaz. Get our all-new range of silver jewellery studded with imported crystals & cubic zircons at @ Flat 25% OFF, along with a Free Charm. Buy as much jewellery ... Read More »

Match Your Outfit to Your Jewellery


Every day millions of women go through a huge & invisible struggle. Marked by significant stress & indecision, choosing jewellery to go with that day’s or evening’s outfit can be traumatic. With conflicting advice on what a woman should wear, Indian women are at a loss on what to wear with ethnic clothing & stick to what their grandmother & ... Read More »