At The Movies With Earrings From GemLN

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Going out with friends is exciting. It doesn’t matter that you spent the whole day with them, it’s special to watch a movie with your best friends. What you wear to the movies is just as important as what movie you’re going to watch. Accessorise with GemLN’s latest range of sterling silver earrings and bracelets set with cubic zircons and ... Read More »

GemLN Style For The Simple Sari


Sari is a woven length of cloth with the design woven into it. While everyone loves rich silk saris with heavy embroidery or the more modern sequinned designer saris, let us show you how to make that simple chiffon or cotton sari that most of us wear in our daily lives into a fashion statement. Take a casually draped sari ... Read More »

Summer Colours 2015: Energising Tangerine


Pantone colours are the defining palette for fashion and creative designers all over the world. The 12 colours defined by Pantone is a great indicator of the colours adopted by the top fashion designers in the fashion capitals of the world. Top Indian designers including Rohit Bal, Manish Arora, Sabyasachi Mukherji et al derive wonderful inspirations from these internationally recognised ... Read More »

GemLN Launches Silver Mangalsutra Sets


GemLN has launched its first ever collection of sterling silver mangalsutras inspired by designer patterns. The mangalsutra is the symbol of a married woman & every Indian woman loves to wear the latest mangalsutra designs. The traditional mangalsutra includes the 2 strings of black beads and the Tanmanniya or the pendant shaped like the bottom half of a heart-shape. According ... Read More »

GemLN Presents Pearls & Zircons


Pearls are unusual. They are the only organic gemstone found inside a living creature- an oyster. Ages ago, before the method of culturing pearls and manufacturing artificial diamonds was discovered or invented, pearls were one of the rarest natural ‘stones’ known to man. Traditional divers without modern day diving equipment dove down into the depths of the oceans to bring ... Read More »

National Jewellery Day: Fashion Isn’t Just For Young Girls


Today is National Jewellery Day, established to celebrate all the styles of jewellery found in India. From our traditional gold jewellery worn for weddings, to tribal jewellery in silver, to ultra- modern jewellery in every material known to modern day culture- the Indian Jewellery scene is much more varied than what our grandmothers & mothers were exposed to. At, ... Read More »

Pantone Colours of Spring: Soothing & Cool Scuba Blue


2015 is the year of the soothing and comforting colour palette. Inspired by nature and comfort foods, Pantone, the world’s most renowned colour authority has brought out the coolest & softest hues from the colour spectrum. Reflecting our yearning for simpler times, “an eclectic, ethereal mix of understated bright hues, pale pastels and nature –inspired neutrals take centre stage,” the ... Read More »

Must-Haves: Essential Jewellery from GemLN


There comes a time in every woman’s life when she looks at her jewellery box & realises that she’s got Nothing To Wear! Her mind goes blank & she is unable to understand how her jewellery box could be overflowing, but there are still no earrings or necklaces to match her outfit. A big reason for this is that many ... Read More »

Holi Re: Splash Yourself in GemLN Style

fb_holi wishes all our customers & readers of our blog a very happy Holi! While you’re going to bathed in all the colours of the rainbow, you can still wow everyone with your style with minimalist jewellery. Dress up in white to catch the colour splashes & keep it simple with easy to wear & easier to clean accessories. The ... Read More »

Charms: Unleash Your Creativity

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Wouldn’t it be great if we all could customize our jewellery! The easiest way to do that is to wear customisable charm bracelets, with trendy charms or those with deep personal meaning. Browse for ‘designer’ charm bracelets with Dangler Italian Bead charms in 925 silver.Some feature a quirky heart, others pink or red enamelled flowers, many more have boy or ... Read More »